Arequipa is the capital of the colonial era of Peru. Framed by 3 volcanoes, it’s filled with baroque buildings constructed from sillar, a white volcanic stone. Its historic center is anchored by the Plaza de Armas, a stately main square flanked on its north by the 17th-century neoclassical Basilica Cathedral, which houses a museum displaying religious objects and artwork.

Weather & How to get there

The region has a semi-arid and temperate climate. The rainy season begins in January and ends in March.


Daily flights from Lima (1 hour), Cuzco (30 minutes) and Juliaca (30 minutes). Flights from Tacna (30 minutes). International flights from La Paz – Bolivia (Monday – Wednesday and Friday / 40 minutes).


Lima-Arequipa: 1,003 Km on the Panamericana Sur highway (14 hours by car)

Distances to Arequipa

Lima 633.8 miles (1,020 Km)
Cusco 388 miles (625 Km)
Puno 201.9 miles (325 Km)
Colca Valley 111.8 miles (180 Km)
Arequipa Peru
Arequipa Peru

Good To Know

  • Country: Peru
  • Visa Requirements: Visa in not needed for North American, EU and Mercosur citizens. All other nationalities are required a visa.
  • Languages spoken: Spanish
  • Currency used: Peruvian Sol (PEN)
  • Area (km2): 2.923 km2


  • January: Jubilee Festival of Mollendo (06 January).
  • February: Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria (02 February). / Carnival (February).
  • March: Bitterness Festival.
  • May: Feast of our Lady of Chapi.
  • June: Characato Day (June 24).
  • July: Fiesta de la Virgen Del Carmen (14-17 July).
  • August: Week of Arequipa (August 15)
  • September: Fiesta de la Virgen de los Remedios
  • October: Andean Resistance celebration
  • November: Camaná Anniversary.
  • December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Attractions in the City

  • Arequipa Cathedral and Museum
  • The Society of Jesus Church and Complex
  • Santa Catalina Monastery
  • Santo Domingo Church and Convent
  • La Recoleta Convent
  • Tristán del Pozo House
  • La Merced Church
  • Saint Augustine Church
  • Saint Francis Church and Complex
  • Santa Teresa Monastery Museum of Viceregal Art
  • Casa del Moral (Mulberry House)
  • San Lázaro neighbourhood
  • Archeological Museum of UNSA (National University of San Augustin)
  • Contemporary Art Museum
  • Archeological Museum of Catholic University of Santa Maria
  • Municipal History Museum
  • “Chiribaya” pre-Inca Museum
  • Villalobos Ampuero House Museum
  • The Moral house

Attractions Beyond the City

  • Sabandía (Arequipa)
  • Yanahuara scenic viewpoint (Arequipa)
  • Founder’s Mansion, Socabaya (Arequipa)
  • Sumbay Caves – Cave Art (Arequipa)
  • Misti Volcano (Arequipa)
  • Chachani peak (Arequipa)
  • Toro Muerto (Dead Bull) and Querullpa (Castilla)
  • Valley of the Volcanoes (Castilla)
  • Ampato Volcano (Caylloma)
  • Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve (Caylloma and Arequipa)
  • Colca Canyon and Valley (Caylloma)
  • Cotahuasi Canyon and Valley (La Unión)
  • Lagoons of Mejía National Sanctuary (Islay)

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