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Privacy policy
and data protection

For Peru Grand Travel Group S.A.C, now to be named as “PGT”, it is of vital importance, the SECURITY OF PRIVACY” of all of our clients, referrals and service providers as with anyone who provides us with personal data via our web page. For this reason, we have established the following policy to protect privacy and personal data.

PGT is a company that is responsible for registering the data generated by the users on its webpage. In agreement with the Peruvian Law No. 29733, article 2 number 6 of the Peruvian Constitution, PGT promises to comply with its obligation when backing up its personal data and will treat such information with total confidentiality adopting the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss or unauthorized access.  The storage of personal information will only be collected with the aim of offering you a better service.

PGT would like to thank all of you who visit our website www.perugrandtravel.com, for your trust and for allowing us to use your personal Information, which will be treated carefully and responsibly, while maintaining the highest possible standards of protection of data and privacy in accordance with the previously mentioned law.

USERS, Clients and/or third parties by entering our website, its pages, links, products or PGT services, do so accepting our privacy and data collection policies and give their consent to PGT for the use of this this information and personal data, to be used for administrative and commercial purposes and allowed to be given to third parties for the same purpose. The personal data of our clients can be corrected, or removed immediately if our customers request for any reason.

PGT Will next explain the use of our website

The personal Information that PGT collects via the website www.perugrandtravel.com, – such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e mails, etc. is collected with the greatest of care.  PGT receives and stores this Information for the following reasons:

Storage of information

To comply with tax obligations, to receive commercial and publicity offers, and / the client authorizes PGT to store their details once the contractual arrangement has been finalized.

Does PGT share the information received?

PGT Will only share your Information with trusted partners and operators, as well as the tax and accounting department. All of the data compiled by PGT about the users, clients or other parties may be shared to third parties within the allowed limits permitted by Peruvian law. PGT does not control business partners, allied partners or third party associates. PGT does however work closely with partners who agree to comply with the Privacy Policy and Data Protection policies of PGT. However, third party providers who appear on our website are NOT obliged to directly comply with our Privacy Policy and data Protection and for this reason we cannot be responsible for the data they may collect on their respective websites.

Third party service providers

Third party providers who offer services to PGT that require access to the USER /CLIENT information may do so to be able to perform their function as a service provider and cannot use this information for other purposes.

Will PGT Publish my Personal Information?

PGT will NOT publish personal Information partially or entirely. Any of the personal data we have stored about you, will not be published unless it is required to do so by Peruvian law or judicial administration that oblige us to do so.

How secure is my information?

It is important to protect your computer from unauthorized access. Make sure you disconnect/ securely leave the website if you are using someone else’s or a public computer. PGT has adopted measures of security compliant with the legal norms to protect your personal information. However, it is vitally important to understand that these measures are not impregnable, yet any third party is prohibited to use your personal Information or data found on any of PGT´s platforms, without prior consent from the person it is related to. Whether that be other website users, clients or service providers.

PROHIBITED Use of Information

It is completely prohibited that other users, clients or third parties use Information that divulges information or affects the privacy of other users, registered users or third parties. The responsibility of doing so, is completely at the discretion of the issuing party.

Our organizational commitment to your privacy

As previously mentioned PGT takes the issue of privacy of your Information very seriously, to make sure that the personal information you give us is secure. PGT trains and educates its staff members how to strictly comply with these standards of privacy, within its organization.

Complying with Privacy of Information Policies

If you, as the USER,CLIENT OR THIRD PARTY, feels that PGT has not complied with the Privacy and data collection policies, in any way, please contact us via Email at: info@perugrandtravel.com explaining how we have not complied with the policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If PGT makes any changes to the terms mentioned in the current Privacy and Data Protection Policy, the changes will be published in the said document in such a way that the USER/CLIENT /THIRD PARTY is always informed about how their information will be shared and respecting the norms of the Protection of personal data in Peru. PGT may change, modify add or remove parts of this policy at any time.

In the event that PGT needs to use your Personal Information for a reason not stated in our policy, we will notify you via the E mail address you have given us, to confirm your authorization. If we do not hear from you in the stipulated timeframe, we will understand that you are in agreement with the usage of your information in the stipulated manner.

Questions about Privacy

If you have any doubts or questions about our Privacy Policy or the Use of your personal Information by PGT, please contact us via E mail at info@perugrandtravel.com.