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The city that houses the beautiful Lake Titicaca also reaffirms, with its succulent recipes, that Peru is an acclaimed gastronomic destination. Try the typical foods of Puno, which include Andean ingredients such as quinoa and chuño (dehydrated potato), as well as fish that can be served on your table during trips to the beautiful islands of Taquile or Amantaní. One way to delve deeper into a destination is through its gastronomy, and this highland city offers extraordinary dishes ready to conquer your palate.

Here are some dishes for an unforgettable culinary experience:

Pesque de Quinua (Quinoa Porridge)

If you go to Puno and ask for a recommended dish to try, this will be one of them. A recipe traditionally prepared on Good Friday in Puno households, its ingredients include quinoa, cheese, fresh milk, butter, among others. A delicacy made with a native Peruvian product like quinoa, providing a wealth of nutrients and usually served for breakfast. The preparation of this dish is simple, and it can be accompanied by a meat stew.

Only by trying it will you realize that the glowing reviews of the delicious taste of Pesque de Quinua are entirely true.

Trucha Frita (Fried Trout)

If you visit the islands of Taquile or Amantaní, you might enjoy this delicious typical dish of Puno for lunch. The trout, which adapted to the high-altitude waters as it did not exist in Peru originally, is sourced from Lake Titicaca, making it quite popular in this city. It’s an exquisite dish, rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. You can enjoy it with fried potatoes and rice, or with sancochado chuño, along with a salad that adds unmatched freshness. Regardless of the version you try, fried trout is a true icon of Puno’s gastronomy.

The sprinkled lemon on top gives it a special flavor that will leave you enchanted.

Chairo Puneño

This soup with a variety of vegetables and meats originates from Puno, although you can find it in other cities. Among the ingredients used in this hearty stew are lamb, chalona (dried lamb meat), celery, carrot, potato, chuño (dehydrated potato), pumpkin, beans, among others. If you want to recharge after exploring the city of Puno or visiting its charms, this soup is perfect. One of the special places to taste this soup is Chucuito, where many locals go to delight in this nutritious dish.

The combination of various ingredients will make you eager to try this succulent representative of Puno’s cuisine.

Chicharrón de Alpaca (Alpaca Crackling)

One of the best and tasty dishes of Puno’s gastronomy that you definitely must try. Don’t leave this beautiful city without savoring the flavor of this delight. With its main ingredient, alpaca meat, which provides a significant amount of proteins and is considered a healthy meat, this dish is sought after by those who also enjoy fried foods. It is usually served with chuño, toasted corn known as cancha, and with onions and mint.

Chicharron of alpaca


The golden color of the alpaca meat and an enticing aroma are some of the reasons that will encourage you to indulge in this captivating dish.

Caldo de Cabeza or Huarjata (Head Broth)

Another favorite dish of the people of the Folkloric Capital of Peru is caldo de cabeza, also known as Huarjata. Its preparation involves lamb (or pork) head, potatoes, chuño, rice, oregano, among other ingredients. If you order this broth, you might be served the meat separately from the broth. It’s also a replenishing dish that you can find in restaurants in the highland city. If you haven’t tried something similar before, we encourage you to try Huarjata in Puno, where the extraordinary taste it leaves will be memorable. A hot and tasty broth awaits your arrival.

The varied typical dishes of Puno make up the culinary richness that complements the wonderful destinations this city possesses. The cultural richness expressed in these recipes is another reason to visit this magical place.

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