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Tambopata Tours Collpa de Guacamayos 5d/4n

PGT / Tambopata Tours Collpa de Guacamayos 5d/4n

Tambopata Tours Collpa de Guacamayos 5d/4n

Tambopata tour. This is a special program for those who like adventure activity and also love nature.

Travel details

Puerto Maldonado, Perú
Puerto Maldonado, Perú
Size of the group
Min 1, Max 16
Best time to travel
April - October

Day 1:

  • Pick up from the airport or terminal to the city of Puerto Maldonado.
  • Transfer to the office of TAMBOPATA TOURS, short welcome speech and briefing regarding the activities carried out during the tour.
  • Departure from the office in our transportation service that is 48 kilometers on a paved road, we then enter a jungle road about 18 kilometers from the banks of the Tambopata River
  • Take the boat, in the afternoon, we will do a hike into the rainforest and finally at night we will appreciate the wild animals like spiders, frogs, and other amazing insects.

Day 2:

  • Wake up early at 4:30 am, to go to Chuncho Salt Lick, a journey about an hour and a half from camp.
  • Chuncho Salt Lick can be described as one of the most interesting places on the planet. Every morning, in a spectacular display of color and sound, hundreds of wild parrots and macaws congregate for their breakfast of mineral rich clay.
  • We return to the camp site and then we will have our breakfast Then we will do a jungle trek, during which we will explore the many interactions between men, animals and plants.
  • After lunch, we will relax and take the opportunity to have a refreshing bath in the waters of the “El Gato” waterfall and pool.
  • Afterwards, we will do a hike around 3 hours and we would see monkeys, sajinos huanganas. The sajinos are like wild pigs that live in the jungle. They only eat fruits.

Day 3:

  • After a good rest, and a good breakfast, we will enjoy another journey into the jungle
  • We will take a boat to the national reserve. Then, we will do a hike of two kilometers to arrive at the macaw reserve where you will see several species of macaws and many species of parrots and parakeets gathering to eat clay in the first few hours after sunrise.
  • Return to our hostel for lunch
  • In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to go fishing. It is an option for you because the river has a lot of fish
  • Finally we return to our hostel and we will have our dinner

Day 4:

  • Take transportation to return to Puerto Maldonado
  • We have to go to the office to take the final tour
  • We take a boat from Puerto Capitania, in which we travel to the entrance of the Sandoval Lake for about 40 minutes
  • At this time, we would talk about the trees, some of which are more than a thousand years old and also we will observe many different species including palm trees.
  • Disembark and hike for a few minutes, then we have to present our entrance tickets
  • After that, we will do other hikes for about 45 minutes, and then we use our boat to do the tour
  • During the tour, we get to admire beautiful and amazing landscapes, including a lot of trees and wild animals
  • Finally, we will go to our hostel to relax and have dinner

Day 5:

  • Our final day in the jungle, we will enjoy an amazing sunrise at the Sandoval Lake, where we will also have our breakfast
  • We will return by boat to Puerto Maldonado and then we will board the bus

What’s Included

  • Transfer by land and river
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Tour with professional guide
  • Entrance tickets to the national park and the national reserve
  • Pick up and transfer to the terminal or airport

What’s not Included

  • Drinks like beer or sodas

Tour price per person.

1 Basic Group 1p $ 490,00

Payment Methods

Dear passenger, in order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to send us, in advance, 40% of the tour price, which must be done through any of our four payment methods: Paypal, Western Union, Money gram, Bank Transfer. Please, choose the most convenient method for you.

Upon confirming your reservation, you assume to be consistent to the politics and terms & conditions of the Company. We ask you to read our politics and terms & conditions.

I.- Payment Through Paypal

  • You must agree to the 6.9% of the value to be sent. (bank commission for payments through PAYPAL.
  • We kindly ask you to press the “update” bottom below the amount field in order to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is made we will send you the confirmation email.

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II. – Payment Through Western Union

The money transfer must be done through the name of our representative. It cannot be sent with a different name. Please, check on the nearest branch to do the payment on behalf of:

  • Name: Claver
  • Last name: Ponce de León Huamán
  • Address: Av./ Rsd Camino Real 106 DPTO B-602 – San Sebastián
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Perú

After making the deposit, the transfer number will be given, MTCN: Transfer Control Number (Money Transfer Control Number).

Please, write us an email with the number indicated in MTCN and the amount of the payment.

III. – Payment Through Money Gram

The payment must be transferred to our representative. Do not send it to somebody else´s name.

Please, check on this internet address: the nearest branch in order to do the payment on behalf of:

  • Name: Claver
  • Last name: Ponce de León Huamán
  • ID: 41759700
  • Address: Av./ Rsd Camino Real 106 DPTO B-602 – San Sebastián
  • City: Cusco
  • Country: Perú

IV. – Payment through bank transfer Banco Internacional del Perú (Interbank)

You agree with the 15% of the amount to be sent (bank commission), The amount NOT will adjust automatically, you must add the tax % once you are making the payment).

  • Account Number: 420-311412856-8
  • Swift Code: BINPPEPL

Please, send us an email with the reference voucher.

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