Sanitary protocols with regards to Covid-19 Peru Grand Travel

Perú Grand Travel Officially reactivated its operation with a con the “SAFE TRAVELS” certificate so that you can travel with confidence safe in the knowledge that our team of experts is with you every step of the way. So that you feel safer, we have implemented all of the safety protocols and biosafety measures to deal with Covid-19. Your health and safety is our priority… ALWAYS.

What is “Safe Travels”?

Perú Grand Travel has the authority issued by the World Association of Travel and Tourism as a result of implementing the specific protocols designated by the World Health Organisation (OMS). So, when you see the SAFE TRAVELS seal, you can trust that you can travel safely with us.

Requirements for your trip via air or land in Peru

You should have the full vaccination card, depending on your age.

  • If you do not have the full vaccination certificate you will need to present a NEGATIVE PCR test with 48 hours validity before you board your flight in your country of origin.
  • Children under 12 years of age only need to be symptom-free to board the flight.
  • You are required to use a double face mask (a surgical mask as well as a regular facemask or a KN95 regulation facemask, correctly placed throughout the flight or bus journey.

We recommend the correct use of del equipo de proteccion for the prevention of contagions: Double masks or a KN95 mask and Alcohol gel.

Asistece for your Covid-19 test

  • In Perú Grand Travel we have an efficient team who will help you arrange your Covid 19 throughout your trip or whenever you should need it.
  • If a passenger presents symptoms of Covid 19 on their trip, they should approach one of our guides who will assist you immediately.

Important information for your visit to Peru

The biosecurity protocols have now become a regular part of life and accepted all over the world and in some countries is obliged by law. Perú Grand Travel complies with all government rules, regulations and recommendations as well as recommending our clients the following guidelines:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and disinfectant.
  • Take your temperatura regularly.
  • Use double masks or a KN 95 mask in enclosed areas to reduce the chance of transmitting the virus.
  • Social distancing- Our guides at Perú Grand Travel will make sure that you avoid overcrowded areas. You should always maintain an adequate distance between other groups and anyone who you come into contact with on you your trip.
  • Our guides are highly trained and extremely careful when using biosecurity measures. If we have learned anything during the past two years, it is the importance of family and friends and how to safely spend our quality time. Your vacation is not just a vacation but an important time to recharge, relax and reconnect with nature. During your first trip or hike after the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope your trip is a memorable and significant vacation and most of all, safe and secure.