December 5, 2023
Interesting Facts About Machu Picchu
Surely you have heard of Machu Picchu, that unique wonder of the world located in Peru, a destination that every traveler wants to explore and, of course, appreciate. But have you ever wondered what secrets this destination hides, what curious things happened there? Well, don’t worry, in this post, we will provide you with some...
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Tips for traveling to Peru
Is your next destination Peru? Then you can’t miss out on this information; here, you’ll find the best tips for traveling to Peru, in a list compiled with frequently asked questions that every traveler should know. So, let’s get started. Recommendations for traveling to Peru Best time to travel to Peru A common question among...
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Best food in Cusco Peru
Cusco, an emblematic destination in Peru, boasts an exquisite gastronomy offering a wide selection of typical regional dishes. Below, we present the 5 typical dishes that you cannot miss when visiting the Imperial City. Chiri Uchu In Cusco’s cuisine, there’s a representative dish called Chiri Uchu, which means chili, well-known among locals. It’s consumed during...
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