Marco Zapata shows An Impressive Picture of Last Supper in Cusco Cathedral

Marcos Zapata (between 1710-1773), also named as Marcos Sapaca Inca, was a Peruvian Quechua painter, he was born in Cuzco. Considered as one of the last members of the Cuzco School, an art center in which Spanish painters taught native students to paint religious works. Marcos introduced elements from his own lands into his paintings. In 1753 he rendered a curious painting called The Last Supper, it shows Jesus and his disciples gathering around a table laid with viscacha and glasses of Chicha (sacred drink of Incas), No the divine lamb or the sacred wine as show in the original event).

The most outstanding characteristic in this painting is that Marcos depicted to Judas with the same face of Francisco Pizarro, at which he expressed the hateful to the invaders specially Francisco Pizarro.

Below I show you this interesting painting made by Marcos Zapata.


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